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Speedy’s mod app Empty Speedy’s mod app

on Tue Jun 19, 2018 6:07 pm
What is your in-game name? Speedy Rebel

Do you have a Discord? Are you part of the TitsMC Discord? Yes

Do you play on TitsRP? What is your in-game name? Speedy_Rebel

How old are you? 15

How many hours have you logged on the server within the past week? Not entirely sure

How many hours have you logged on the server in total? Idk quite a fair few tho as I play fairly often

Have you ever been a staff member on another server / other game? Have you owned/developed for another server? Yes titsrp

Do you have a good understanding of the rules? Yes I do

Do you understand that not helping players will get you demoted? Yes plus sounds familiar from another app I made this question does (titsrp)

Why do you want to be a staff member on this server? Because I can help people and I want to help the server grow and thrive

What are some qualities that make you worthwhile to accept? Kind caring and helpful

Free-form section. Go crazy. Convince us.
Now I’m very good person and Walter is my friend and I made this on my phone with a tiny screen and keyboard and had to correct so many typos so please be pleased by my app and effort
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