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on Tue Jun 19, 2018 6:13 pm
What is your in-game name? My in-game name is Panduhhz

Do you have a Discord? Are you part of the TitsMC Discord? My discord is Panduh#3372 and I am indeed part of the TitsMC discord.

Do you play on TitsRP? What is your in-game name? I do play on TitsMC, my in-game name is Panduhhz.

How old are you? Im 13

How many hours have you logged on the server within the past week? More than 2 hours.

How many hours have you logged on the server in total? More than 20 hours.

Have you ever been a staff member on another server / other game? Have you owned/developed for another server? I staffed for multiple DarkRP servers. In fact, I staff for a server called TitsRP.

Do you have a good understanding of the rules? Yes, I accidentally broke one today but I learned.

Do you understand that not helping players will get you demoted? Yes, I will always help players.

Why do you want to be a staff member on this server? I want to be staff because I enjoy TitsMC mostly because of the name. Walter assaults me and staffing here just makes the chance of being assaulted less. I also just want to help out players.

What are some qualities that make you worthwhile to accept? Im a good guy. I am highly intelligent because I watched Rick and Morty and mostly understood it. I am a calm person and cant maintain everything fairly well.

Free-form section. Go crazy. Convince us.
rip xxxtentacion

plz accept
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